Films, documentaries, ads and videos

Bored is a film, TV, website design and branded content production company.


Our name says it all. We’re bored with creative projects that have dull and compliant points of view, lack movement and emotion, and fall short of communication content. They lack narrative, storytelling, and good stories.

Bored of nonsense

We tell a different story in every project we develop through an intense writing stage. We dedicate a lot of time to this stage; time in which we create the meaning of what we want to convey.

Bored of pleasing

The core of our work revolves around the ideas of the writers: the directors, scriptwriters, directors of photography, and editors. Our research extends further from what is common in order to develop detailed, comprehensive and genuine content.

Bored of standard

The aim of each project is to create recognizable stories that represent the distinct nature of the brand, the company or the person we are portraying. We don’t want to be generic, compliant or mediocre.

be bored