Marangoni Brand Ambassador

Marangoni Brand Ambassador


Anna Dello Russo, Creative Director of Vogue Japan and icon of the fashion system, has been named Brand Ambassador and Scientific Director of Istituto Marangoni, the Milanese school of fashion, art and design.


The video, designed for Istituto Marangoni communication, weaves Anna’s personal footage with the story of her first year as Brand Ambassador. Anna’s experience, her innate aptitude for launching the current trends in fashion and her creative flair are important values for young people who choose Istituto Marangoni to realize their dreams and ambitions.



With: Anna Dello Russo
Direction: Mattia Colombo
Screenplay: Andrea Batilla
Cinematographer: Diego Diaz and Jacopo Loiodice

Additional shooting and Editing: Mattia Colombo

Sound: Paolo Benvenuti, Daniele Sosio and Graziano Giannuzzi
Music: Luca Fois
Color grading: Diego Diaz


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