Marta and Gianmarco


Marta and Gianmarco

AGEDO | LIFES - chapter 2

Tell the world around you that you are homosexual.

Decide to face a radical physical change.

Decide to become a parent.


Coming out, Transsexuality, LGBT Parenting: three moments of a person’s life that deserve a deepening for each ones. Three chapters that have a different style and language but together make up a single film. Three chapter that describe a complex reality with care, depth and irony. Exactly like life is: never just tragic, never just comic.


Three stories that told moments of life and don’t want to “define”, judge, but show the incredible faces of our feelings and needs, making everyone aware of the changes of our time.


With: Marta Pizzigallo and Gianmarco Negri
Direction: Mattia Colombo and Alessandro Sampaoli
Screenplay: Renata Ciaravino
Cinematographer and Editing: Mattia Colombo
Sound: Paolo Benvenuti
Music: Luca Fois
Sound design and Mix: Massimo Mariani and Tommaso Barbaro
Color grading: Diego Diaz


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