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A film by Gianluca Matarrese

format: 8 episodes x 30 min


Episode # 1 – I Won the Court Battle


A brutally lifelike portrait illustrating the difficult challenges of being an artist in the critical eye of public opinion in today’s world of entertainment and the culture of the image.


In this episode, the series introduces Casey Spooner and Violet Chachki through the world of fashion, music and art. They are both visual artists who move in social media circles where the images they project and their real lives are very different. Violet is a 25-year-old drag queen at the height of success, Casey is an artist and musician, a veteran of success, struggling for a comeback.


Between the embodiment of public figures and their true identities, the main characters brush the edges of schizophrenia; obsessing to create the mythic life they would like to have.


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