Out Of My Closet

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Out Of My Closet

The life and times of Anna Dello Russo

Out of my closet is a documentary that talks about the professional changes of one of the most volcanic and disputed personalities in recent years: journalist and fashion blogger, Anna Dello Russo.

February 2018: Anna auctions off the huge wardrobe she has accumulated over twenty years on the catwalks: thousands of shoes, clothes and accessories leave her apartment to be sold at Christie’s. One after the other, the most iconic articles of clothing of all times are put in a row and the event for Anna becomes a time to reflect on the past twenty years of fashion and the historic changes in culture that occurred during the 1980s and 1990s to then be replaced by the dominance of mass communication in the early 2000s. The documentary also addresses how the advent of social media completely rewrote the entire value system.

Through the narratives of those who experienced this change firsthand, the film traces a map of what happened by voicing opinions in a still open debate.


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