Uninvited – Marcelo Burlon


Uninvited – Marcelo Burlon

documentary produced by Labà – Progetti Speciali
written and directed by Bored Cinematic Storie

Even though it has already been depicted many times before, fashion always appears as something mysterious that revolves around the eccentric personalities of omniscient designers, the latest schizophrenic trends, and excessive spending. This film, or rather documentary, is nevertheless able to treat fashion from a different perspective. It captures what is genuine in a system controlled by hypocrisy and embarks on an ambitious attempt to fling open the doors that have been double-bolted for years. This is the reason we chose to talk about today’s world of fashion through the life of a figure who stands outside the system and is totally honest and straightforward: Marcelo Burlon.

Marcelo comes from the center of Patagonia, one of the most isolated places in the world. He was born of an Italo-Lebanese family that decided to emigrate in reverse by returning to Italy in the 1990s where they were met by the economic crisis. Today Marcelo is CEO of a 100-million euro holding company that produces five brands in addition to his own. He represents the new generation of creative directors that have reached astonishing success thanks to social media and a brilliant sense of intuition that has less to do with knowing how to make clothes and more to do with understanding how to communicate to an audience.

Loved and loathed in equal measure, Marcelo is a controversial figure. Some consider him a genius and others an imposter, some praise his style and his ability to have seized the opportunity of the current cultural scene and others, for the same reasons, scorn him and accuse him of plagiarism, cunning and lack of creativity. Which of the two sides is right? Who is Marcel Burlon really?


Italy, documentary, colors, 82’

Produced: Cristina Marchetti e Silvia Ardini per Labà – Progetti Speciali
Script: Andrea Batilla
Direction: Mattia Colombo
Production director: Antonella Rossi
Photography: Jacopo Loiodice
Sound: Paolo Benvenuti
Editing: Claudio Bonafede
Editing assistant: Giuliano Ricci


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