Bored is a film production company that creates content for film, television, websites and social media.

It was founded by Mattia Colombo, Diego Diaz and Andrea Batilla. We produce feature films, short films, documentaries, videos and installations. The spirit at Bored is closely connected to art films and research. We have a great passion for quality design as well as a keen eye for all things contemporary and what the market offers.

We work around a specific integrated communication strategy but never lose sight of what we enjoy doing; tell stories. We develop personal and commercial projects in collaboration with a group of young professional directors, scriptwriters, directors of photography and editors.

We use cinema to tell stories

Stories are the essence of what we are, of what we want to reveal about ourselves, whether in a feature film, a documentary, a TV series, a short film or a 20-second clip. And film is also a metaphor for us.
Every project needs a director that directs the actions, a scriptwriter that summarizes the vision, and a director of photography that gives it form.
Across our diverse and multifaceted professional experiences, we listen, understand and create a project tailor made to meet every desire, be it strictly commercial or written purely.
This is our approach to two distant cultural extremes and how we bring them closer together.